Therapy facial machine
Therapy facial machine
Therapy facial machine
Therapy facial machine
Therapy facial machine
Therapy facial machine

Therapy facial machine

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  1. 7 color LED photon therapy beauty mask,  with touch screen for convenient operation, intelligent handle control designed and includes electrical stimulation therapy.
  2. Red light: wavelength is 630nm, known as bioactive light, can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism and promote collagen formation, whitening spots, tender skin, wrinkle removal, increase skin elasticity, improve skin condition, repair damaged skin, reduce pores and tighten skin, anti-aging and anti-oxidation effect.
  3. Blue light: wavelength is 470nm, which can kill and inhibit inflammation. It can effectively destroy propionibacterium without damaging the skin tissue, having the effect of sterilizing, repairing skin, leaving no scar and pigment.
  4. Green light: length is 520nm, which can neutralize, balance and calm the skin, reduce the secretion of oil, balance the ratio of water and oil, effectively relieve the mental tension, dredge the lymphatic and edema. 
  5. Yellow light: specially treated 590nm wavelength can improve the exchange of cellular oxygen, add energy to skin cells, decompose pigments, promote lymphatic detoxification, improve skin roughness and wrinkles, treat skin redness, fever and ringworm, and enhance immunity. 
  6. Purple light: It is a dual frequency of red and blue light. It combines the efficacy of two kinds of light therapy, especially good at removing marks and repairing.
  7. Cyan light: enhance cell energy step by step, having good promotion effect for metabolism. 
  8. Laser light (white light): penetrate deep into the skin, accelerate the metabolism of active tissue, break down color spots, improve fine lines and loose skin, improve skin tone, fade spots, firm skin, activate collagen and anti aging. 
  1. Condition: 100% Brand New
  2. Voltage: 100-240V
Usage steps:
  1. Wash your face with skin care product before use. (Optional) 
  2. Put on the provided goggles and LED mask.
  3. Switch, using it for about 20 minutes every day. It is recommended to use it every day for better effect.Most people can watch TV, answering the phone, surf the Internet and read books at the same time when using LED masks at home. 
Package List:
  1. 1 x LED Face Mask (Face + Neck)
  2. 1 x Controller
  3. 1 x Power Adapter
  4. 1 x Manual